Mackerel Fishing Season in the UK

When Is Mackerel Fishing Season UK


Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a beginner, fishing for mackerel is a great way to start your day. Here we explain when the mackerel fishing season for the UK is.

Anglers either catch mackerel to then use as bait, or catch them for sport. We love doing both, as there’s nothing better than catching your own bait and using it, or trying to catch as many as you can!
A little bit about mackerels: 
  • Mackerel are a small fish and are very streamlined, with an almost tropical looking colour. 
  • Their scientific name is scomber scombrus, and are also known as Atlantic Mackerel.
  • Mackerel eat other smaller fish and sandeels
  • They are a fast predatory fish, and are closely related to the tuna

When Is Mackerel Fishing Season UK

Mackerel Fishing Season in the UK

The mackerel fishing season depends on which part of the UK you’re fishing in.

In the south of England, mackerel season begins late spring. In the north of England, the season starts later, around mid Summer.

However, the best time to catch mackerel is from May to June.

Where To Fish for Mackerel

Mackerels hate shallow waters, and like to swim in deep water near the open ocean. Which means any beach, pier or jetty that has deep water is perfect to fish from. 
You can even fish for them from a boat on the open water. Mackerel also prefer clear blue water.

The Best Times To Catch Mackerel

The best time to fish for mackerel are dusk and dawn, and make sure it’s high tide. This will give you the highest chance of catching them.
We recommend fishing for these smaller fish in the spring high tides, as mackerel will follow bait fish into the shore.

When Is Mackerel Fishing Season UK

How To Catch Mackerel

Firstly, you need a fishing rod that is between 9-10ft in length. It also needs to be able to cast up to 3oz.

Secondly, you need some mackerel feathers and a few lead-free weightsThen, attach the hooks to the end of your line with a blood knot. Attach the lead-free weight to the end of the mackerel feathers. Now you can cast out into the deep water!

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